Cactus Town SHERIFF Edition + 3 EXPANSIONS (Deluxe version) - PRE-ORDER

The Deluxe edition in all its splendor, INCLUDING the 3 expansions at a discounted price. (called "All-in" in the KS campaign)

For those who want to go all-in, this is the best deal to start off with.
Add-ons not included in this packaged are listed in the "more info" box below.
This pledge level (called "all-in" pledge in the KS campaign) includes the SHERIFF edition, i.e. the deluxe edition with all stretch goals, minis AND standees, wooden tokens, custom dice, game board, and player boards. It also includes the pets mini expansion, unlocked as one of our last stretch goals, with the animals in wooden token form (if current backers raise funding to 160k euros during the pledge manager phase, the pets will be upgraded to miniatures).
In the same big box, neatly packed in your custom insert, you will find all the material of the 3 expansions in its deluxe version, i.e. including minis, wooden tokens, player boards and standees. It does not include the physical boxes of the expansions, if you want those, you would have to buy the expansions separately.
The expansions add new game mechanisms and a range of new faction combos, as well as the option to play with up to 5 players or in solo mode (Lone Ranger). You can delve into the expansions' description and rules on each expansion's product page.
  • This pledge saves you 15€ versus buying the expansions separately.
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