Cactus Town : Stampede expansion - PRE-ORDER

An expansion bringing the Cowboys into town. And some crazy cows, too

This add-on expansion introduces another new asymmetric party to Cactus Town: The Cowboys and their herd of cows. 
In the mix of Spaghetti Western parties, the cowboys don't want to stay behind. And they are not alone, they have brought their cattle with them. This is the craziest of all factions, the cowboys need to steer their herd through Cactus Town, guiding the lifestock to the cattle train waiting at the other side of town.
On their way, the herd will create stampedes, with the cows taking on anyone who stands in their way. Chain reactions are possible and no one is safe from the beasts. But then again, maybe you don't want to, because their movement effect might help you in your own objectives.
You can have a read at the draft rules here, bearing in mind that they are still work in progress, as playtesting will continue until we close files for production. They aren't edited with graphic design yet.

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(this edition does not contain miniatures, wooden tokens or custom dice, to get those, choose the DELUXE version)
From the retail base game
  • 3 standees + 3 standee bases
  • 1 translucent die
  • 4 action cards
  • 4 building cards
  • 1 help card
  • 1 setup card
  • 3 cardboard ranch tokens
  • 1 cardboard train tile
  • 1 rulebook
500 Items

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