About us

Mission Statement

We strive to design, develop and publish fun and beautiful board games for the global gamers’ market. Stemming from our background as graphic designers, our games are always made with particular care when it comes to design, it is part of our DNA. But being hardcore gamers, we equally treasure challenging game mechanisms and a meaningful thematic integration. Our ultimate goal is to enable people to have a great time playing our games.

Who we are & what we do

Second Gate Games was born as a spin-off from Dracma 3D, a 3D graphics design and video post-production agency founded 2004 in Barcelona, Spain. After the success of our first game, B-Sieged, published by CoolMiniOrNot Ltd., we have now changed our business model and start publishing games on our own. Our next game will be Monster Lands, succesfully crowd-funded in Q4 2017, with more than 400k$ funding in Kickstarter and backerkit. We have further games in the pipeline and are also looking to license games from international authors to publish them in the Spanish speaking markets, helping them to grow sales. Cat Box and Kitty Paw from Taiwanese author Aza Chen are examples for these.

The people behind Second Gate Games

Daniel Schloesser
Daniel is German (wouldn´t you guess from his impossible surname?!) and has been a gamer since childhood. As founding partner, he runs business operations, from production to marketing and sales. Daniel studied and worked in 8 different countries over 3 continents, bringing international perspective to the table. His background in consumer goods marketing, as strategy consultant and as CMO of FC Barcelona serves Second Gate Games in business aspects. But he is also working on his first game design (top secret).

International Distributors / Publishers
We are keen to ensure international distribution of our products. If you are a distributor/publisher interested in listing or publishing our games in your region, please contact us at info@secondgategames.com

International Authors / Rights Holders looking to expand into Spain
While we are a company acting globally, we are also firmly attached to our roots in Spain. We are looking to expand our product portfolio with products of international authors for whom we offer to translate and publish games, providing they fit into our product strategy (artwork is a major aspect in this context).
If you are looking for new markets, haven’t translated your game but have a proven track record of selling in your current market, don´t hesitate to contact us at info@secondgategames.com