Dakota Stone Fist was worried. It was three days since her father, Tashunka, the Chief, had ridden off to Cactus Town to trade – and there had been no word of him since. He wasn’t a man to leave his people for so long; nor would he want to be apart from his beloved daughter. No, something was wrong, she knew. Dakota pinched her fingers around the hollow pebble, hanging by a thin leather strap from her neck, a gift from her father on the day of her naming.

She narrowed her eyes and looked out along Well Bear Path, the last place she had seen her father waving goodbye to her. Something had happened. And Dakota wasn’t about to wait for the rest of the tribe to do something about it.

The people of Cactus Town have always enjoyed a good relationship with their neighbours , but now the Chief is missing, and his tracks lead straight to the town.

This add-on expansion introduces an all-new gameplay feeling to Cactus Town: the Lost Chief and their unique objective of finding a second character. Dakota will pay the town a visit in search of her father, so the party starts with one standee and (hopefully) gains a second. The player’s available actions change depending on whether Dakota is alone or reunited with her father. All the while they try to teach the townsfolk a lesson not to get involved with a Native American princess and her erstwhile peaceful tribe.

Have a read of the rulebook here, the expansion is a blast we think you cannot miss, opening up new party combination options and adding yet another unique experience to how the game plays out.

The expansion comes with 2 minis/standees, 7 tokens, rulebook, personalized player board, 19mm custom die, 4 action cards, 2 help cards, 1 setup card, and 4 building cards.


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