First reviews of Monster Lands

The first presentations and reviews of Monster Lands are starting to be available!!! Have a look to learn more! Man vs Meeple, the renowned American […]

Cooperation with Gaming Rules!

We are happy to announce that we have been working with Gaming Rules! on editing and proof-reading our upcoming Monster Lands rulebook. Paul Grogan, the man […]

Monster Lands, the last mile

We are entering the last mile After two years of development, we are going into the final stages of development for Monster Lands. Developing a […]

Incredible Fan Art!!

We were told it was impossible, we thought it was very very difficult, but Leavon Archer finally proved that it can be done… an impressive […]

Spiel Essen 2016

Hi everyone, we’re pleased to announce that The Second Gate Games will be in Spiel Essen 2016. You are welcome to come over to our […]

Painted minis

How about we kick it up a notch, brave defenders? These beauties were painted by our partners at Bigchild Creatives. You’ve met them before, but now […]